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Yeerp is a search engine for your email newsletters — unlocking them from inboxes and making them discoverable by new customers.

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Yeerp has 8,382,318 emails from 47,907 brands.

Convert emails into an acquisition channel

Your emails are great for retaining existing customers, but now they can help you find new customers, as well. Yeerp helps customers who aren't already on your mailing list find you.

Add years of shelf life to your emails

Your team works hard to build emails that only live for 1-2 days. On Yeerp, they'll last forever: attracting customers, generating leads, and driving traffic.

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  1. Register for an account on Yeerp, and be sure to confirm your email address
  2. Connect your site to Yeerp by following the instructions
  3. Add the unique email addresses that Yeerp generates to your mailing lists. Whenever you send an email, we'll post it automatically.

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